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This report will shows you how your current site looks on a smart phone, with personalized recommendations on what's working and what you can do better
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  • Q: How can you do this for $495?

    We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 2 years developing our own proprietary software called Mobi Creator. What takes an average web designer 4-8 weeks (or 6 months) to build an inferior mobile site, we can accomplish in less than 3 days. Mobi Creator has one purpose and that is to build world class mobile web sites that perform flawlessly over all mobile platforms at an exceedingly cost effective price point. And we pass that savings onto our clients.

  • Q: What if I do not have a regular desktop site?

    WebsitetoCell.com will build you a mobile website even without an existing website!

  • Q: Are their any design limitations?

    Our price point of $495 to build your mobile web site allows for a 9 icon mobile home page, 9 sub pages, a personal dot mobi domain name. Within this pricing structure we do not support e-commerce, database-driven sites or membership type sites. If you are in need of such functionality we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

  • Q: Do you support all mobile devices?

    Mobile websites built using WebsitetoCell.com technology will work properly on all smartphones that have a browser.

  • Q: What happens after I sign up?

    A WebsitetoCell.com certified designer will contact you at the telephone number you provided within 4 business hours for an initial consultation about your mobile website.

  • Q: How long will it take for my mobile site to go live?

    Once we have all of your content your site will be live within 72 hours.

  • Q: How will mobile phone user access my mobile website?

    There are 3 ways that customers will be accessing your mobile site; (1) typing it directly into the address bar: www.yourbiz.mobi (2) By clicking your dot com web address from their smartphone. You will be provided a "redirect" code to insert on your dot com website. Once in place, this will redirect mobile customers from your dot com website to your mobile website automatically. (3) By scanning your "Quick Response" code. Upon completion of your mobile site we will provide you with a unique QR code to be used in all of your print. Once scanned it will take customers to your mobile website.

  • Q: Do I need to purchase a new domain name for my mobile website?

    No, Included in our pricing is the purchase of your dot mobi domain name.

  • Q: Why a "dot mobi" and not a "m site"?

    Having a "dot mobi" mobile site (www.mywebsite.mobi) offers numerous benefits that a "m site" (www.m.mywebsite.com) does not. The most important is search engine rankings. When someone is doing a search on their mobile device, the search engines prioritize the "dot mobi" results over the dot com (and m sites). This provides you a huge boost in terms of your organic search engine rankings.

  • Q: What "dot mobi" name should I choose?

    Most of our clients use the same "dot mobi" domain name as their desk top, "dot com" web site. However we encourage clients to choose a "dot mobi" domain name that is much more specific to their business. For example, if you are a dentist in Minneapolis, Minnesota your "dot com" domain name may be www.SmileBriteDentistry.com. Unfortunately, this domain name does nothing for your organic search engine results. Keep in mind that the first thing that the search engine looks for when trying to provide the result that best matches a customers search is the domain name. Therefore an effective alternative to www.SmileBriteDentistry.com would be www.MinneapolisDentist.mobi. This domain gives the search engines exactly what they want and therefore your organic search engine rankings will sky rocket. And the beautiful thing is that the "dot mobi" domain names are still relatively untapped, so you can get any name you want!

  • Q: What happens after one year?

    $495 includes a complete mobile website AND one year of hosting/licensing. On your anniversary date of year two we will charge you zero licensing fee.

  • Q: What if we find our mobile site isn't functioning properly?

    We have had hundreds of mobile websites "live" since 2009 and had a 99.99% up time. However, if you find any problems with your mobile site we have staff dedicated to getting problems resolved. We prefer you call us via phone but email is okay also.

  • Q: Does the $495 include custom graphic work?

    No, but custom graphic work is available. Also, you may supply us with your own custom icons. The dimensions are 100px by 100px using a transparent .png format. We have a very large database of graphics and 99% of the time we can find something that suits your needs.