Using mobile website examples to plan your site


In this week’s post, we’ll be considering how to make the most of the mobile website examples from your own industry and around the web in the planning and development of your own website.

First of all, you can use other websites at the very first stage of planning for your mobile site. Get a feel for the benefits and limitations of mobile browsing, as well as a general understanding of the different ways that mobile developers get around mobile design. At this point, you should communicate constantly with your web developer, and using links from other sites is a great way of illustrating the things you do, or do not want for your site.

You can use any website for finding inspiration, though it can be particularly fruitful to look to your main rivals, as well as the big companies in your industry to get an idea of what they’re doing with mobile design. You’ll be able to find any key common themes which pop up again and again, perhaps because the feature offers something valuable to websites similar to your own.

Use other website examples to create a checklist of every detail of the website design. This includes page by page details, as well as how you will format the pages of your site, and how you want to make use of menus and categories for your site. Once you have a basic skeleton in place for your website it will become much more easy to flesh it out.

Once your base or foundation is in place, you can start to consider ways to set yourself apart and add character to your website. This might mean trying out some new interesting features, hidden menus for example, safe in the knowledge that your foundations are secure.

Finally, looking to your rivals helps you build your own site by reassuring you that you’ve covered all bases, and not missed anything obvious or important.