Taking influence from great mobile website examples


It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to doing business online, or if you’ve been fiercely competing online for a decade, it’s always useful to get some inspiration. In this little post, we’ll be taking a look at mobile website design, with a specific eye to how great mobile website examples can be utilised in the building of your own website.

The first place to look for inspiration would be those companies in your same industry which are market leaders. These brands will have executed a website with similar aims to you, but their site will be a demonstration of what can be achieved when budget isn’t an option. Though, this said, you certainly aren’t limited to your own industry for inspiration, and we recommend that you have a good idea of mobile design in general to inform your own process. Below we’ll be focusing on four key elements to mobile web design and how you can make use of them for your own site. These four key areas are: Design, Format, Features, and Content.

The first area to survey when it comes to building your mobile website is design, as in the appearance of the site. In some specific areas of business, there may be specific rules, like bright and colourful for a kids website/product. In most cases though the best advice it to keep things simple while showcasing your branding.

How do other similar websites lay their mobile site out? Are the certain pages or menu structures that you think will work particularly well for your product or service?

Where, if anywhere, do other great mobile website examples make use of website features, and how can you make use of similar features? Features might include instant call buttons, mobile maps, and a range of other options.

By having a good idea of the content offered by your rivals, you’ll both be clued up, as well as showing you the bar for your own content.