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Finding fair mobile web design prices


One of the most frustrating things about mobile web design prices is that it’s so hard to find a general guideline. With all developers setting their own prices, and the transformations that take place in the industry over time, it can be impossible to work out what a web design should cost.

Every website is different, and although some basic costs will remain constant, as for quantity of web pages and so on, there are tonnes of individual features which may or may not be applicable for your site. In this post, we try to give a general breakdown of design prices for small, medium, and large websites.

Small websites
A small website describes any site made up of just a handful of pages (up to around a dozen). These sites are likely to be used primarily as a destination site, offering some key info, images, contact details and the likes. A small website is unlikely to be used for selling, and will more or less take the role of an online ad for your website. This type of site is especially common for businesses doing trade face to face who want to offer some brand info online. For this type of website, set yourself a budget of between $500 and $1000.

Medium websites
A medium website here refers to any site which offers more pages than the smaller websites described above, with the additional of some extra features. These might include map services, instant call buttons, e-commerce, and a range of design features that you might wish to add to give your site the edge. A medium site can either have many pages while being otherwise very simple or else it might be smaller but with more expensive features added. For a website like this consider a price range of around $800 to $1500.

Large websites
A large website consists of 20 or more pages, with the addition of the extras mentioned above. There is no limit to website size, of course, and this can cost anything from $1500 upwards.

A survey of mobile web design prices


Many of the most common questions about mobile web design revolve around mobile web design prices, and if this describes the search that you’ve recently entered into a search engine, then you’ll probably have found that it’s hard to get a straight answer.

There are several key reasons for this, firstly since all web developers set their own prices, each valuing their service differently to their rivals, but also because all websites require different levels of work, and will be of varying sizes. All of this noted, though, it is still very frustrating that it can be so difficult to get such a straightforward – and important – question answered.

In this short blog post, we’ll be covering all of the basics for costing a mobile website, as well as considering what big variables need to be considered.

First off, let’s take a look at the cost of building a completely simple destination website. By this what we mean is a website of a handful of pages, offering information and perhaps some photos or videos, but otherwise without any key functionality. A basic site like this is common for businesses who do most of their trade face to face, whether that is a restaurant or a place of retail. A mobile site with this kind of spec will usually be around a guide price of $500 or $600.

For a slightly larger or more complex website which builds upon the basic tier website explained above, you should expect to pay around $1000. The higher cost will be made up by more web pages, as well as any other additional features.

As your site plan develops, with large numbers of pages, and additional features such as e-commerce, the cost of the website can quickly rise. A large website in basic form is attainable from around $1500.

Mobile web design prices for responsive design


The number one factor that seems to put people off of investing in mobile website design is that it can be so hard to find any accurate guide of what you might expect to pay for your website. All businesses and web developers seem to create their own prices to some extent, and it’s absolutely essential that you look around to avoid being stung. In this short post, we’ll be taking a look at the average kind of prices that will be paid based on different size websites, to give you at least a starting point to compare mobile web design prices.

If your business or personal website is very small, with something like 20 or 25 main static pages, then you can expect the most modest range of prices. The most simple small websites might be built for around $2000 with mobile functionality, however as you add extra tools and elements, this will steadily increase. For the most accurate quote, you should be sure to list all of the elements and plugins that you might need, however, you should expect to pay less than $5000 for a website like this.

For a medium size website with more than 25 pages, the price does increase quite considerably. Hosting many pages is expensive, especially if you require regular updates as products change. A medium size website is one bigger than listed above, but with less than 100 pages or so. Expect to pay around $7000 to $14000 depending on your requirements for the site.

For very large websites with many hundreds of pages, using advanced e-commerce platforms, and with all of the technical and management support that comes with it, you may expect to pay anything up to $20000 or so.

As we said at the start, be sure to look around and to ask for quotes in order to save yourself some significant costs.


Finding an estimate for mobile web design prices


If you enter a search in the search engine asking for even a rough estimate of mobile web design prices, then you’re likely to be provided with little more than vague quotes which can never make an accurate judgment about your unique website. Unfortunately, much of the reason for this is that every website is unique, and it is impossible to create a one size fits all price tag for mobile design.

With this said, it shouldn’t be difficult to assess a rough price guide for your website once you know what you’ll be using it for, and what types of features you’ll need ready with it.

As a primary indicator for mobile or responsive website design prices, consider the price that you paid for your website originally, as creating a mobile ready version should make much difference since the advent of responsive design. Before we used responsive design things were more complicated, since you often needs to design two different sites, one for home access, and one for mobile visitors. Fortunately, though, this is no longer the case.

The next indicator of the price you will pay for a mobile site is the functionality that you require it for. Do you host nearer to one million visitors per month, or one hundred? The scale of your site is proportional, and small business sites should expect to pay significantly lower prices.

What other key functions does your website require? If you sell online, then you will need to invest in an e-commerce platform for selling goods and taking payments. As a rule of thumb e-commerce will usually add around $1000 to the overall price tag, however, this may still vary depending on the quantity of transactions that you expect to receive each week or month.

The most important thing is not to be daunted by price, and to feel welcome to request quotes from web developers before you take your decision.

Finding fair mobile web design prices

First of all, it’s worth mentioning a few key points when discussing the subject of mobile web design prices, if only to give some context. Firstly, although many seem to worry about the cost when it comes to mobile web design, the cost actually isn’t excessive, and a top rate mobile web design can now be picked up for a bargain, unlike say 5 to 10 years ago.

The next important thing to understand is that “mobile web design” takes on a slightly new meaning thanks to recent progress in how we use the Internet on mobile devices and tablets. The rapid evolution of the technology in our pockets means developers are constantly racing to find new solutions to new problems, and the way we design for mobile has changed as a result.

Once upon a time, if you wanted an online presence that your customer could use on their mobile device, you might have set up an independent website, separate from the one that visitors using a PC would access. This could be done in one of a few different ways, including using a separate sub-domain, or using an “m dot” website.

Since responsive web design has blossomed, most of the more traditional ways of developing a mobile website have become largely obsolete. Responsive design means building a website, usually with an intuitive grid system, that scales your web page up or down depending upon the device being used to access the page.

Responsive design has changed the way we go about building websites, and particularly how we develop mobile ready sites. Thanks to the development of responsive design, if you’re building your site for the first time you can now build one that works across all devices, from your personal computer to your mobile or tablet, making web design overall far more cost effective.  

What to expect with mobile web design prices

When mobile websites first came about, it was far more technically challenging to design a solid purpose built website than it is now, and the results were far less smooth around the edges. By 2016, mobile web design has become far more readily available, and integrated with your “normal” website design. As a result, mobile web design prices are now far more friendly than they once were.

One huge factor which is really a game changer when it comes to mobile website design prices, is the advent of mobile first design. You can now build your website using a responsive design which adapts to whatever screen size it’s being used on. The main advantage of this is that if you’re building a new website, you needn’t build two separately, simply one that works across all devices.

If however you already have an existing website that you would like re-built to fit a mobile ready specification, then as a rough guide for price, look at how much you spent building your existing site. The mobile version should be fairly comparable for price, though of course there are no set prices, and it will depend on a few key features.

The first variable you should bare in mind is website size. As you might expect, the larger your website in terms of pages, content, product; the more it will cost. Next, any important feature that you’ll need, e-commerce for example, or map services, will also add a little to the overall price.

If you are just looking to build a very simple destination website, with simple info like address and contact info then you should be able to find a premium service for under $1000 dollars that will cover all of the basics you’ll need. As we’ve covered elsewhere in the blog, the investment is well worth the potential returns.

Finding fair mobile web design prices

In our experience, when it comes to finding the right mobile web design prices, it can be complicated. Many developers value their abilities somewhat independently, and you hear very varied prices being charged for similar services. Also, plenty of websites advertise their services for too high a cost. To avoid paying over the odds, read our breakdown for what a mobile website design price should be based on its size and features.

A large business can have anything from hundreds to thousands of pages with advanced menu tabs, and far more media capacity than smaller websites. For this reason, a large sized business website can often be in the region of $25,000. Do remember though that this is supposing a very intricate website with pages constantly changing with a framework that can support it, as well as to take mass payments and handling of the security that goes with it.

A medium sized business will have more information, more web pages, and generally more design, framework, and promotional work than smaller businesses, though on a smaller scale than a large business. As such the price may rise to a starting point of roughly $7500 to $8000, up to something between $15,000 and $20,000.

Other important features needed will largely determine the price. If you want a busy e-commerce site up and running, then you should add something like $7500 on top of the price for a better estimate.

A business website which hosts only 25 or so static pages would generally be referred to as a fairly small business website. The could usually be completed within one week or so, and would generally cost somewhere in the region of $2000 – $5000. Though there are other considerations to take into account, think if there are any particularly special features requiring specialised plug-ins, if so the price could rise. This price point will also apply to websites of an informative informative nature, mainly comprised of text pages which may have more than 25 pages, but little in the way of website design, media, interactive features or anything else.


How to avoid paying high mobile web design prices

The online world can be hard to keep up with, and the mobile web now represents over half of all web searches on Google. If you still have yet to update your site design for the mobile web then the only explanation is that you must be underestimating the significance of the mobile web today.

With so much variety and choice (and even more jargon) to sort through, it isn’t surprising if you get a little lost in your search for mobile web design prices. This is why we’ve assembled a brief summary of exactly what you will be paying for, and how much it should cost you.

First, consider the cost of setting up your original desktop site if you have one. The cost for a traditional website is probably your best guide for the price of designing for mobile.

As you would expect, if your website hosts hundreds of thousands or millions of daily visitors or if it has hundreds of different unique pages, then the cost could be tens of thousands and will certainly far exceed the average. However, this certainly doesn’t apply to the vast majority of sites on the internet, and probably not to you.

Many developers will give a unique quote for the needs of each website individually, though make sure to shop around. Alternatively, if you prefer you can find packages which cater to more or less complex web designs and choose one which suits you, like choosing from a menu.

If you use your website essentially as an advert for your physical premises, if you run a coffee shop for example and no payments are ever made online you will only need a few static pages, but this doesn’t mean that your website shouldn’t be great. Even a basic package for a couple of hundred dollars or so can utilise the power of the mobile phone, adding a click to call feature directly connects you to your customer.

A breakdown for Mobile web design prices

By now you should know that something like 80% of all internet users are now accessing the web from their mobile phone. Mobile browsing also accounts for half of all our browsing, logical as this is the object they carry around at their side at any time, just as many experts had forecasted. It’s now essential that your website is responsively designed or else you’re literally missing out on well half of your potential customers, and the knock on effect can be even worse. But what are typical mobile web design prices? Is usually the next question asked.

Naturally, there isn’t exactly a standard rate. It is completely dependent on the size and content of your site,  though it is possible to give estimations.

For a small site with around ten pages, you should be able to get a basic package for something like $1000. For this type of price, you can expect to get a website designed responsively for all types of devices, browsers, with up to several pages or so. For a larger website it can cost more, also if you have features, then this can increase the price too.

There are scores of useful features that you might need when operating online, here are some of the most important and widely used.

If you’re selling online, you’ll need to invest in E-Commerce. E-commerce is what allows you to sell items and accept payment online. This is one of the more costly features, though, clearly it’s important.

Having a custom blog created for your website is a great way to expand your site, grow the business, and hopefully drive more and different types of traffic and trade to your site. By having a blog your website, you will also be able to link plenty of useful content to your website.



Mobile web design prices for an independent business

When it comes to mobile websites, mobile web design prices is one of the most common concerns we find that people have, it is also one of the most difficult questions to give (or get) a straight answer for. The main reason for this is that no two website designs are the same, and the capacity or features of your website can vary greatly. This said though it is possible the gauge and indicator of how much you should be looking to spend based on your existing website, and perhaps most importantly, despite what you might have read, a mobile web design needn’t cost a lot.

Is mobile design necessary?
First of all, if you’re looking into building a mobile website then you’re clearly on the right lines since mobile traffic amounts for a great portion of total web traffic, and if you aren’t yet mobile ready then simply put – you are missing around half of your possible customer base. Also consider what happens when someone tries to access your website on a mobile device to find that your site doesn’t work, this reflects poorly on your business and might stop them returning.


What affects the price?

There are a number of different factors that can affect the price you’ll be looking to pay for your mobile website, here are some of the most important to give you a rough indication of how expensive your mobile web design might be. First of all consider the size and scale of your website, a small local business website is obviously going to be considerably less expensive than one which sells to countries all around the world. Also what features does your website need? One with e-commerce will cost significantly more than one which simply offers information.


What options are available?

The two most viable options that you should look into before having your site built is whether you use a responsive mobile design, or a mobile web application, so do be sure to check out the pros and cons of each before making up your mind.