New mobile web development best practices


Every year we see new innovations and revolutions in the way that we approach web development, and this is especially true for the mobile web. New ways of designing and building mean that it is a part of the job of a website owner to stay present and to keep up to date with relevant mobile web development best practices.

In the past year, we’ve seen some exciting new changes, as well as a huge increase of mobile websites making use of tools and design features which didn’t even exist a year ago. In this post, we aim to give a broad explanation of recent best practices through the lens of appearance and performance.

Minimal Design
The first thing that is by now more apparent than ever regarding mobile design is that a basic and minimalist design is optimal for a number of reasons (which most mobile sites seem to have understood by now). A simple design helps to speed your website up, is widely appealing, and allows your viewer to focus on your content. As a stunning example of minimal design, why not try adding ghost buttons to your site?

Space Conscious
The next best practice that I want to consider here is being space conscious with your mobile design. There are a number of interesting ways to approach this challenge, from considering page format, to the use of features like hidden menus and left to right scrolling.

Speed Conscious
Finally, you should focus on the speed of your web pages in order to create the optimal performance for your site. One of the main variables with mobile browsing that doesn’t affect desktop browsing is inconsistent browsing speeds, and therefore work is required to speed up your mobile site. There are a number of ways to speed up page speed, one of the most effective though is to remove unnecessary media from your web pages.