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Finding fair mobile web design prices


One of the most frustrating things about mobile web design prices is that it’s so hard to find a general guideline. With all developers setting their own prices, and the transformations that take place in the industry over time, it can be impossible to work out what a web design should cost.

Every website is different, and although some basic costs will remain constant, as for quantity of web pages and so on, there are tonnes of individual features which may or may not be applicable for your site. In this post, we try to give a general breakdown of design prices for small, medium, and large websites.

Small websites
A small website describes any site made up of just a handful of pages (up to around a dozen). These sites are likely to be used primarily as a destination site, offering some key info, images, contact details and the likes. A small website is unlikely to be used for selling, and will more or less take the role of an online ad for your website. This type of site is especially common for businesses doing trade face to face who want to offer some brand info online. For this type of website, set yourself a budget of between $500 and $1000.

Medium websites
A medium website here refers to any site which offers more pages than the smaller websites described above, with the additional of some extra features. These might include map services, instant call buttons, e-commerce, and a range of design features that you might wish to add to give your site the edge. A medium site can either have many pages while being otherwise very simple or else it might be smaller but with more expensive features added. For a website like this consider a price range of around $800 to $1500.

Large websites
A large website consists of 20 or more pages, with the addition of the extras mentioned above. There is no limit to website size, of course, and this can cost anything from $1500 upwards.

A survey of mobile web design prices


Many of the most common questions about mobile web design revolve around mobile web design prices, and if this describes the search that you’ve recently entered into a search engine, then you’ll probably have found that it’s hard to get a straight answer.

There are several key reasons for this, firstly since all web developers set their own prices, each valuing their service differently to their rivals, but also because all websites require different levels of work, and will be of varying sizes. All of this noted, though, it is still very frustrating that it can be so difficult to get such a straightforward – and important – question answered.

In this short blog post, we’ll be covering all of the basics for costing a mobile website, as well as considering what big variables need to be considered.

First off, let’s take a look at the cost of building a completely simple destination website. By this what we mean is a website of a handful of pages, offering information and perhaps some photos or videos, but otherwise without any key functionality. A basic site like this is common for businesses who do most of their trade face to face, whether that is a restaurant or a place of retail. A mobile site with this kind of spec will usually be around a guide price of $500 or $600.

For a slightly larger or more complex website which builds upon the basic tier website explained above, you should expect to pay around $1000. The higher cost will be made up by more web pages, as well as any other additional features.

As your site plan develops, with large numbers of pages, and additional features such as e-commerce, the cost of the website can quickly rise. A large website in basic form is attainable from around $1500.

Planning and preparation for mobile website development

This post is dedicated to anyone who operates an online business but who is yet to make the decision of building a mobile ready website. A good education is one of the most powerful weapons at your disposal, and understanding just a few simple principles about mobile website development can inform your whole method of doing business online.

Since the early days of browsing the web using a mobile device, things have completely transformed. Today the ease of access to mobile browsing means that all of us make use of the mobile web on a daily basis and on the whole, there are now more mobile browsers than people browsing from a standard desktop computer at any one time.

It all comes down to convenience really, we all live our day to day lives with a device in our pocket ready to check our emails, shop online, and an array of other useful or entertaining things. Combine all of this with the fact that we spend the greater part of our days out and about on the go, and it’s easy to understand why mobile browsing is so popular. For this reason, if a potential customer is ever going to stumble onto your site, the odds are that today they’ll be using a mobile phone to do so.

The appearance of your website should never be overlooked, as superficial as it might seem. The design is something that makes a big difference to how many customers will perceive your site after their first visit and will be decisive in whether or not they return. Plus, it’s simple to create a visually simple yet attractive design. Since mobile browsing can vary depending on the connection available at any given place or time, it’s important that you focus on keeping your site running as quickly as possible, too.