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Drawing inspiration from other mobile website examples

Whether you are yet to venture out into the big wide world of the mobile web, or if you simply want to renovate your existing website then it can pay to survey other companies mobile website examples. This can show you what is consistent across your industry (and probably for good reason) and will also highlight areas that you have an opportunity to innovate and set your website apart.

Design principles
First of all when you start browsing the web for design inspiration, be sure to look out for some basic principles that you will use for your web design. To name a few really useful examples of design principles, we could start with simplicity as a golden rule for mobile design. A simple and clean design ensures that your content remains the most important thing on the page, and can also do a great deal to help speed your mobile website up. Also be sure to look out for how you might structure your pages, and how each will link together, this is known as your site architecture.

What your competition can offer
By checking out what your rivals have done you can highlight many areas that are relevant to your own design. Look for any consistent features that all might have in common and ask yourself if there is a good reason for it, or if not, how you can change things to make your site unique.

Building from basics
Once you have your basics down it’s time to start making your website your own, adding branding is important, and consider any nifty features like drop-down menus or interactive features to make your user experience more enjoyable. Anything you can do to stand out could be the difference between user clicking off of, or staying on your page.


Mobile web design prices for an independent business

When it comes to mobile websites, mobile web design prices is one of the most common concerns we find that people have, it is also one of the most difficult questions to give (or get) a straight answer for. The main reason for this is that no two website designs are the same, and the capacity or features of your website can vary greatly. This said though it is possible the gauge and indicator of how much you should be looking to spend based on your existing website, and perhaps most importantly, despite what you might have read, a mobile web design needn’t cost a lot.

Is mobile design necessary?
First of all, if you’re looking into building a mobile website then you’re clearly on the right lines since mobile traffic amounts for a great portion of total web traffic, and if you aren’t yet mobile ready then simply put – you are missing around half of your possible customer base. Also consider what happens when someone tries to access your website on a mobile device to find that your site doesn’t work, this reflects poorly on your business and might stop them returning.


What affects the price?

There are a number of different factors that can affect the price you’ll be looking to pay for your mobile website, here are some of the most important to give you a rough indication of how expensive your mobile web design might be. First of all consider the size and scale of your website, a small local business website is obviously going to be considerably less expensive than one which sells to countries all around the world. Also what features does your website need? One with e-commerce will cost significantly more than one which simply offers information.


What options are available?

The two most viable options that you should look into before having your site built is whether you use a responsive mobile design, or a mobile web application, so do be sure to check out the pros and cons of each before making up your mind.


Great value mobile web design prices

If you’ve found your way to this page then you, like many others, are unsure of how much it will cost to build a mobile website for your business. In fact, mobile web design prices are one of the most common concerns when it comes to the subject of mobile websites.

The main reason for this is that, firstly, there is little information out there regarding general prices since every website is different and has different needs meaning that it can be hard to approximate a general price. This said though there are still some useful guides you can use, and depending on the size of your business and website, you should be able to work out what a good value service has to offer.

Importance of mobile web design
First off, let’s cover why it is that you should have a mobile website for your business. You may have heard that in the past couple of years or so that mobile traffic now amounts to over half of all web traffic, and as such the same can now be said for online consumption or purchased. Simply put if you do not have a mobile website then you will be missing a large portion of your potential customer base.

Ways to design for mobile
There are different ways to produce a mobile website, and these each cater to different business needs so it will be up to you to decide which is best for you. The first option is designing a mobile sub domain which mirrors your existing website on the mobile web though this is now considered a fairly old fashioned solution.

Cost of mobile web design
As mentioned the overall cost will depend on how you build your website, as well as your website’s size, however as an indicator your mobile site shouldn’t cost any more than developing your standard website, so this is a good guide for the price you should look to pay.



Planning your mobile website development

Before setting off on your great quest to build your mobile website, it’s important that you do some planning to ensure that your mobile website development is going to suit your business precisely how you want it to.

First of all, why is it so important to develop a website capable of hosting mobile browsing? In short, the mobile web is rapidly growing to overtake the more traditional type of browsing carried out on personal computers at home, and this means that without a mobile site you’ll be missing out on over half of your potential clientele. Consider how those browsers will perceive your brand if they click onto your website on a mobile device to find that it doesn’t work.

Regardless of whether your business is big or small, here are some important questions you will need to ask –

What format?
There are a few different ways you can solve the problem of needing a mobile website, and this is one of the most important things that you’ll need to decide. A mobile subdomain which recreates the look and feel of your existing website is one possibility, however, this method is used less and less and is falling out of fashion.

The next option, and by far the most popular in today’s market is the responsive design route. Designing a responsive website means building one which can respond to the particular device that is viewing it. Whether the screen size is a tiny mobile browser, a tablet, a personal computer, or a large screen, your responsive design will scale your web design to fit all to the same scale.

You will also need to decide upon a budget when you begin planning your mobile website development with your developer. Mobile design needn’t cost a fortune, but be sure to go over your needs and budget at the start to avoid any problems down the line.

What’s essential?

Remember, when it comes to mobile browsing, speed is key! Be sure to strip away any inessential elements from your site to speed it up, this includes – but is not limited to – all media used throughout your website.