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Mobile Website Examples – finding inspiration

It’s no exaggeration in 2016 to say that having a great mobile website is essential if you’re hoping for commercial online success. Our shopping habits have changed phenomenally with the advent of the Internet, and this has taken a further step forward with the massive rise of mobile browsing in recent years.

Widely published studies show now what many had been expecting, this being the gradual overtake of web browsing using mobile devices over home desktop browsing, and recently the same trend has followed for making purchases online. It is now possible to buy all of your Christmas gifts while riding to work on the train and to have them waiting for you by the following morning. This convenience is great and it makes a huge difference for the consumer, if you’re the one with the website trying to make sales though, it means you have your work cut out.

Every year new developments are announced or released and it’s up to website and business owners to keep up, or fall prey to their more wiley competition.

All’s not lost though, and the rapidly developing nature of mobile browsing means for the hard working and innovative there is room making big gains in business and reaching out to far more potential customers than ever before.

So if you’re about to embark on a quest to conquer the mobile web, here are some handy tips to get you started and some great mobile website examples.

Look around for inspiration!

First of all make sure to check out how your competition are doing things. This will give you a few ideas of elements you’ll definitely want to follow, though it can also help you work out how you’ll go further to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


Next up take care to soak up the aesthetic generally used in your industry. We would always recommend to keep your design as simple as possible, especially to begin with. A clean design focuses your customer on your content and can also help to speed your website up.


Is there any benefit or you and your company website to adopt special features for your site? Look for ways to make your site as finger and thumb friendly as possible. Also consider screen size, if you’re finding it hard to format your content on the smaller screen then consider features like hidden or cascading menus to save space.


Finding fair mobile web design Prices

If you’re totally new to the world of running a business online then it might seem like a jungle out there when it comes to finding the right price for a website design. In this post we’ll be covering some tips for beginners to make finding fair mobile web design prices a little more simple.

First things first, be aware that website design is only one small component of an overall SEO campaign that a web developer might assist you with, and if you’ve found SEO packages which include mobile website design then do bear in mind that they may be offering much more than simple a mobile website design. This said it is still perfectly possible to find a design service, though here are some other services a developer may offer, and which you will find really valuable as an investment for your new website.

Keyword research

Keyword research involves finding the best words to use in your content, page meta tags and titles, web page urls, and more. Using the right keywords can yield truly fantastic results when it comes to ranking high with the search engine, as well as for pulling in web traffic.

General design

As well as making your existing website suitable for mobile use, a package might also offer to generally redesign the desktop side of your website. Design is more important than ever and don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions when it comes to your site layout and design.

Link building

Link building refers to when some of your content is connected to other, external websites. By building links you can hope to have other relevant sites out their linking their content to your own, again building up your prospects for long-term web traffic.

If however you’re certain that you’re not currently in the market for these services and only need mobile website design, then here are some of the things you should look for as part of the service:

  • Maps
  • Click to call
  • Clean design
  • Easy navigation
  • Finger friendly design
  • Responsive across devices
  • Responsive across browsers
  • Aftercare

Average mobile web design Prices

The topic of mobile web design prices is one of the most regularly searched on the subject, and the array of answers is staggering or often simply vague. After a survey of several leading developers a few of which are large companies and a few of which are small firms here is a presentation of the average prices given for:
– First time websites
– updates for a small website
– updates for a medium website
– updates for a large website

First time websites
Although it certainly is possible to find a lower price out there if that is your main priority, across the services we checked the average price for a first time mobile website build is between $4000 and $10000. First time packages usually come complete with everything from planning to website launch and some are many more comprehensive than others.

Small website update
To update a small website prices depended more on areas that needed to be changed. In fact as often is the answer to an internet search about web design prices, the answer is it depends. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul then it will probably cost you somewhere between $5000 and $11,000, but if you only require a little maintenance then it’s better to get an individual quote.

Medium sized website update
As the vague label of small medium and large website implies it’s not black and white what size a website is, as such the range is a little greater as we move up the scale. Be assured that if you’re running a website with a few full time staff that you will be considered as bigger than a small website, see individual vendors for specifics. The approximate price though sits at $7500 – $15000.

Large Sized Website
For a large website we mean a website with many many pages of content, plenty of daily traffic and sales and probably more than a handful of staff in the company behind it. For this type of website upgrade again the costs can vary but for an overhaul you’re looking at $17500 to $35000.

mobile web development tools for mobile web apps

In this post I want to take a look at mobile web development tools used by developers for creating mobile web apps. Before we go any further, a mobile web app is a website format which looks and feels like a native app from the app store. There are many pros and cons to think about before deciding if a mobile app is the right way to go with a website but that’s not our subject here.

There are innumerable types of tools that go into the development of a mobile app and here we want simply want to briefly outline a handful of really great examples.

Edge Web Fonts
Adobe’s Edge Web Fonts offers thousands of different font options which are universally web friendly. So many services offer to sell fonts and make premium packages for font designs and so many have shady functionality too, this allows users to rest easy, and all for free.

jQuery is a javascript library rich with content and features. First off javascript is one of the three programming language used to be read by your browser to interpret content. jQuery comes packed with features for making using javascript to build your website more simple. Many web developers use jQuery and its popularity is partly since javascript works so effectively across browsers.

Ember is fairly new but it’s already received widespread attention for their simplistic take on app development. By taking out so much of the coding work Ember allows the developer to focus on the content of the app by focussing the design using templates, buttons, and a few other gadgets. There are of course pros and cons of using a tool like Ember. On the plus side the templates take out much of the work and do simplify the task a great deal in a clean and charming design. However enforcing a particular structure may have it’s downsides when it comes to unique web design.