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A Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Web Design Prices

The online world moves quickly, and the mobile web now represents over half of all searches made using Google. If you’re still yet to have updated your website design for the mobile web then the only explanation is that you’re underestimating the prominence of mobile web use today.

With so much choice (and even more jargon) to contend with, you may well get lost in your search for mobile web design prices. So here I’ve assembled a brief summary of exactly what it is that you are paying for, and how much it should cost.

Firstly you should consider the price you paid to set up your desktop site. Naturally if your website hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors with hundreds of different pages, then the cost could be tens of thousands. Though this doesn’t apply to the majority of sites on the web at all.

Many developers will give you a unique quote for the needs of your site, though be sure to shop around. Alternately you can buy packages which cater to more or less complex web designs.

If you use your website essentially as a billboard, perhaps you run a restaurant and no payments are made online so that you only need a few static pages or so. Even basic packages which can be picked up for a couple of hundred dollars or so now utilise the power of the mobile phone, by adding a click to call feature, your customer can be on the line with you before they could usually have found a pen to take the number down with.

You can also have maps added so that anybody who happens to be nearby your town, whether they’re searching for a hair salon, some pizza, or upmarket clothing, can be immediately directed by GPS to the point of purchase.

SEMO, analytics, and connection to your social media accounts are some of the other additions you might consider for making a truly functioning mobile site. For each extra you might be looking at an extra $50 or $100 or so depending on the developer, but remember most of the costs are one time only, and they really are an investment.

Overall it’s the design layout of your webpage, and adequate loading speed that make the foundation to what all sites need now to survive on the mobile web, and these are affordable for any business.

5 Essential Mobile Web Development Tools

There’s no doubt that if you intend on selling goods or services online today, you need a professional functioning mobile website. There are now scores of fantastic mobile website development tools to help you to create a unique feel to your site for a range of budgets. Here I’ve collected 5 of the greatest and most important tools to have in your inventory.

Bootstrap, made “by nerds, for nerds” is one of the most remarkable and by now widely used front end development tools used for organising and speeding up your content regardless of whether it’s being viewed on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

The elegance is what makes Bootstrap most striking. It uses a 12 column grid to coordinate your content, allowing it to be scaled to any screen size, quickly and easily.

It comes with handfuls of useful controls, plugins, and other features to make your site truly unique.

When designing for mobile, developers generally will try to incorporate as many easily clickable little buttons and widgets as possible to make for a smooth hand held experience. This is great, but if you feel that you want to keep your desktop site as it is, then you need something like SCSS. The function and power of preprocessing this type of variable is unique to Sass CSS.

Designing fluid layouts across platforms can be very tricky, but Sass CSS does much of the hard work for you (particularly the math).

Macaw is a truly design led platform for creating websites. Their motto is “stop writing code, start drawing it”, and this is precisely this difference you’ll find with Macaw. You can drag and drop design elements into place without ever having to look at code! The only downside is that Macaw does not yet allow for mobile-first design.

Chocolatechip-UI uses WAML code, which works on top of HTML5 and can integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript seamlessly. You can continue to use the popular jQuery library if you’re at home there. If you’d like to reach a really broad audience with your mobile site then Chocolatechip-UI is indispensable, incorporating iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Created by Zef Hemel, Mobl is an all in one language specifically for the mobile web.

Simply input your code into Mobl, and it will re-work your project for you into HTML, JavaScript, and CSS automatically for the web browser. Mobl is a fantastic addition for creating applications with ease which can be used for all HTML5 ready technology (including iOS and Android).


Mobile Website Development Is Key To Getting More Sales

How do you search for something online? Do you always use a desktop computer? Chances are you are just as willing to use your mobile phone or tablet as everyone else. You probably drive around and realize you need to search for something so you load up a search engine and conduct your search. This is what the average consumer is doing today. They are using their mobile devices to ensure they are not being overcharged, getting lost, or missing out on some great deals. If you do not have mobile website development of your business then you are losing out.

You are losing customers and potential sales if you do not have a responsive mobile website. Through mobile website development you have the chance to convert busy consumers into your new clients.

Just for a moment think back to the last time you wanted to find a new place to eat. Did you just drive around until something looked good? No, you most likely popped online and looked for reviews and restaurants within a certain radius. Consumers do this every day. They look for something that they need, want, or desire to compare.

Someone could be standing in a store looking to buy printer ink, but have their phone pulling up stores within a mile radius to check prices as well as the price of the manufacturer’s ink cartridges.

However, when the person runs into a business that has an unfriendly mobile website they leave immediately. So if you want to get more sales no matter where your consumers are in the moment, then you need to have proper mobile website development. With proper mobile websites, your consumers can search, find and buy all while they are stilling in the store that prompted them to check out your location.


Mobile Web Development For The Consumer

Who is the most important person in your company? If you answered the consumer then you answered right. Certainly you play an important role as the business owner, but without consumers you are not going to make any sales on your services or products. Since the consumer is your most important person you need to have mobile web development that is for the consumer.

One way to understand how to make mobile web development for your consumers is to look at examples. Whether you search for these examples through your competition, happen upon a mobile website that you like for the design, or check out examples created by professionals you will see what works.

Examples teach you what professionals do and know that can help you gain the proper mobile website for your consumers. There are also some other tips that can be provided.

The look of the site is just the beginning step. You need a responsive website that will conform to any type of screen size your consumer might be using. You want to make sure that an Android, Apple, and tablet browsers will be able to load your site correctly. For this you need professionals that know how to write the code that will make it happen.

You also need to have genuine, quality content on your website. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing just to get rankings. Instead, you need your mobile web development to focus on the one keyword that will target the correct consumers. With high quality content such as articles, blogs, and landing page content you can be certain that your consumer is going to find value with your site. All that is left is making certain your consumer can find you, thus once your mobile web development is done you need some outside SEO tactics like article directories.