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How Much Will You Pay for Mobile Web Design?

Numerous sites will tell you differing details on the costs of mobile web design. You might have been through a few sites only to find out at the end there are more charges than originally promised. It happens all the time. Luckily you have arrived here where you can learn about the best options for mobile web design and how much you actually pay for it.

You will pay $495 for a complete mobile web design that takes three days to be done. After thousands of dollars were spent over two years to develop proprietary software one company has created an affordable answer to your mobile website needs.

Mobi Creator is the software that can provide you with excellent results. Several companies have already started using the professionals behind Mobi Creator in order to offer you the best mobile web design. Not only do they have the software, but they can make your web design workable across all mobile platforms which is something the competition cannot always promise.

There are certain areas where the price can increase. For example graphic design meaning a logo or other artwork not in the database will be extra. It means if you want a custom design of artwork or logo that you do not supply or cannot choose from what is available a little extra time and thus money is necessary.

It is really as simple as it sounds. You can obtain the mobile web design of your dreams with ease and at a low cost. Other places might charge thousands and leave you wanting. In fact it has happened in the past with independent, individuals who have become web designers to make money. You do not have to get sucked into their promises. You can see exactly what you pay for when you choose the right package.

Mobile Website Examples: What Users Want

Mobile website development is becoming more popular as more technological advances are being made. So, more kinds of traditional websites are being considered for the development of mobile sites, but what kinds of traditional sites will benefit from being a mobile site? Mobile devices are being used more and more for different internet purposes, but not all sites are preferred to be viewed on a mobile device. Keep reading for examples of sites that should have a mobile site component.

Social Websites

There is no question that social networking is a very common use when it comes to mobile devices. The majority of the human population uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social networks to communicate with the rest of the world. If you are a web developer of a social website, it is a good move to incorporate a mobile site of the traditional social site. Mobile sites should include easy navigation, easy use of chats and messaging, and the ability to view photos properly.

Websites that Offer Product Purchases

Traditional sites, like eBay, Amazon, and retail sites offer mobile sites where consumers can view merchandise and make purchases when necessary. If you are a developer of a traditional site that gives users the opportunity to make purchases, it is a good idea to incorporate a mobile site as well. Mobile sites give users the ability to easily make purchases at any given time without needing an actual computer.

Job Search Websites

Traditional job search sites like CareerBuilderand Indeed offer mobile sites that are easy to search for jobs and apply for them. If you are a job agency or are in the process of developing a site that allows for individuals to apply for jobs, mobile sites are beneficial for users to be able to apply for jobs using their mobile devices if a computer is not accessible.

Those are just a few mobile website examples. These types of websites are ones that mobile users may need to access even if a computer is not available. Making your site mobile friendly or developing a mobile site for a social networking site, for making sales, or for job searching is a great way to promote use by individuals.


Mobile Website Development versus Traditional Website Development

Which is better for internet browsing—your mobile device or your desktop computer? This question is one that web developers are constantly asking themselves when it comes to building sites for both devices. Mobile web developers want to build sites that are user-friendly for mobile device owners, and traditional web developers want to create sites that are easy to navigate on the desktop or laptop. So, which device should you prefer when it comes to internet browsing? Take a look at the comparison between the two and decide for yourself.

The Comparison of Mobile Web and Traditional Web Development

Desktops and laptops were the first devices used for internet browsing. So it is safe to conclude that traditional web development is way more advanced than mobile website development. Below are some facts on both topics to give you an idea of a comparison between traditional web development and mobile web development.

  • Desktops and laptops offer a bigger screen to view sites. The sizes of fonts and images are easier to see and read.
  • Traditional website development makes it easier for users to view a number of windows at one time.
  • Traditional website development offers more user-friendly designs that help site users navigate better.
  • There are restricted capabilities when using a mobile device versus a traditional device, such as the use of input and output devices and use of rooted sensors.
  • Mobile devices are used more than traditional devices because they are easier to carry around.
  • Mobile websites focus on main topics instead of the user having to scroll through different pages.

Now, it may seem that mobile web development is pointless because traditional web development has more attractive aspects. However, each new day presents mobile web developers with opportunities to repair mobile sites or create user-friendly mobile sites to make navigating easier and overall better. Mobile sites are starting to be more popular than traditional sites, and so is mobile web development. Mobile web developers are constantly working to improve the quality of their sites and as time moves on, these sites will be easier to work with and more desirable to work with when compared to traditional web development and use.



Important Mobile Web Development Tools You Should Use

When mobile use was first being introduced to the population, there were not many individuals who were willing to use their mobile devices to browse the internet. In fact, the trend is more recently becoming the norm versus finding a computer to search the internet. With the increase in mobile use, web developers need tools to ease the process of developing workable and easily accessible mobile sites. Keep reading for a short list of tools developers should use when building a mobile site.

List of Tools You Need for Mobile Web Development

Tools are an important aspect for building anything. In fact, for anything to work properly, you must have the right tools to ensure proper functioning. Here is a list of mobile web development tools that developers need in order to make a properly functioning mobile web application:

  • Bootstrap—this tool helps developers in creating web applications. It uses responsive components that are for making websites functional across more than one device.
  • Sublime—this tool is edits texts by using easy coding components.
  • CSS Lint—this tool allows developers to recognize coding problems between browsers. It is created to dissect the code, recognize the weaknesses of the code, and give you tips on fixing the issue.
  • Android SDK/iOS Simulator—these two tools gives the ability to test mobile sites on more than one browser. These tools also let developers know if their sites have been built properly.

Any developer who incorporates the use of the above tools when he or she begins to develop a new mobile application will be on the road to building a successful mobile site. These tools allow for easy building and also for opportunities to catch mistakes before the site is completed.

Keep in mind that mobile devices are constantly updated and a mobile site may require adjustments in order to fit in with the updates. It is the job of the developer to ensure that all new mistakes are quickly fixed to keep mobile users satisfied. It is important for mobile users to feel comfortable when using their device for internet browsing, and developers should work around the clock to make sure that sites stay up-to-date and easily accessible for users.


Reasons Why Mobile Web Development Tools are Important

Mobile web development tools are the key to creating a good user-friendly and easily navigable mobile site. There are key reasons why these tools are important to use and how they make using mobile sites easier. Below are a list of those reasons and their importance in building a mobile site.


  • Tools are essential for making it easier to locate mobile sites. There are some tools that should be considered for use you want users to easily find your mobile site. There are tools that also make it easier to keep track of the number of mobile users that visit the site.
  • Different tools should be used for different mobile devices. There are two main types of mobile devices: Android and Apple. You should use the right tools to accommodate the device you are aiming toward. Using an Android tool for an Apple device will not work.
  • Some tools allow you to test your site before finalizing development. If you want to test run your site to see how user-friendly it is or if people will actually use the site, take advantage of the tools like Beta Bait that allow you to do this.
  • You should use tools that kick in if the site were to crash. It is unfortunate, but common that mobile sites crash and become inaccessible. It is wise to incorporate tools that automatically fix crashes or alert users when it happens.

Some tools cost money. For those tools that require purchasing, make sure to add them in your developmental budget. Be able to afford whatever tools you need to make your site a success.

Web developmental tools are essential when developers are working to build a mobile site. Without the proper tools, developers run the risk of building a mobile site that is not easy to use, are not easily accessible, are incompatible with certain devices, and are ignored by frequent mobile users. When it comes to development, you want to make sure to incorporate all of the proper aspects of mobile sites that are needed to make the site successful. Deciding not to use a specific tool could cause you the success you desire from your mobile site.