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Mobile Web Application Development and Businesses

Mobile devices have become man’s best friend and the preferred method of communicating via phone, messaging, text, and the Internet. The use of mobile sites is increasing so much that web developers are coming up with even more sources to make their sites accessible through mobile devices. The development of applications, or apps as most mobile users call them, is increasing as well especially in the business world.

The Need for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are just as useful, if not more, than mobile sites. Especially for business purposes, there are some key reasons why mobile applications are preferred over actual mobile sites. The development of a mobile app for a business could be the determining factor of whether or not a business will succeed. Making a presence on the Internet is more than just creating a traditional website; it is also about providing other sources to access the website. Apps are becoming more and more popular and the trend of mobile web application development is steadily on the rise.  

For businesses, here are reasons why mobile apps are important:

  • Mobile apps create real-time communication between users and businesses. The more you are able to interact with users, the more your business will be able to thrive. Mobile apps are able to promote businesses in ways that traditional sites are unable to do.
  • Mobile apps allow more efficient customer service for businesses. Mobile apps can provide ways for users take care of transactions, like making purchases, solving customer issues, and finding information.
  • Mobile apps can help promote businesses. Most apps are developed for promotional purposes. They offer deals, discounts, and even coupons that can be used. Any business that expands its promotional efforts are certain to generate more customers.

Mobile apps are a unique way to attract more customers to a business because consumers tend to navigate toward businesses that are more accessible through the internet. Yes, having a traditional website is a great tactic in gaining customers, but having more tools that can be accessed through a mobile device will generate even more customers toward the business. When developing mobile applications, remember to make sure that the applications are easy to access and even easier to use.



The Importance of Mobile Web Application Development

As mobile devices are becoming purchased and used more, the need for mobile apps has increased as well. But why is this particular aspect of mobile devices so frequently used and increasingly desired? The answer to that question may surprise you. The small icon that appears on your cell phone screen holds a huge responsibility in the mobile world and an even stronger stance on the World Wide Web. 

The World’s Need for Apps

Mobile apps are a very important component for cellular devices. They are constantly being used, and for sites that do not offer a mobile application, users are probably waiting on developers to start building an application for the site. Here are the reasons why:

  • More people are starting to spend more time browsing or working online than any other source of media.
  • The majority of the time spent online is being spent on a mobile device of some kind.
  • Most of the time users are accessing the internet through a mobile device by using an app of some kind.

There is a definite need for mobile applications, especially if a site wants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends of mobile web application development.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

There are at least 300,000 existing mobile apps that are being used on a daily basis. The least amount of time spent using a mobile device is typically around two hours. Of those two hours spent on the device, about 40 minutes are dedicated to using a mobile app. That means about 80% of mobile device use is to access some kind of mobile application. Just think about it… if you spend the majority of your time on your cell phone using a social networking site, playing a mobile game, checking the weather, or getting news updates, you are probably doing it on a mobile app. How many times throughout the day do you access a mobile app?

Mobile applications are better to use for navigation in comparison to using a mobile site or accessing the desktop version of a site on your mobile device. There is no question that web applications are becoming the major component that is needed for mobile phones.



Know More about Mobile Website Development and the Costs

Given the major influence that the internet has on most of our lives, allowing us to access any information or shop worldwide from a phone in the middle of traffic, we commonly find ourselves thinking of new ideas that could go online. Have you ever wondered how much it would actually cost? Do you know the facts or basics of mobile website development? If you are planning to opt for mobile web design for your website, you should continue reading this article.

In my years of experience, I have found that most people don’t really know how much work developing a website really needs. The truth is that today there are so many options and so many developers worldwide which you can contact online that even if someone has though the whole process through they will probably undervalue it because it is way more accessible than five or ten years ago.

So What Aspects Could I Have Missed?

  • Web Hosting: You need a server to upload your site to, and the cost will vary according to a number of conditions but mainly: storage volume, traffic volume, security and support.
  • Design: Designing a website can be a long process and in most cases, hiring a designer is an added cost, but a major added value.
  • Functionality: Depending on what your site is supposed to do, different technologies may be necessary. Different technologies mean licenses and/or programmers to get your site up and running.

Of course, when we think of a website in our heads, it is really hard to think all this in retrospective. In fact, the same website or mobile application can be developed in a number of ways that range from changing a design to selecting a different server configuration and in some cases even changing the programming language used to get the job done.

What You Should Keep In Mind

All of these tasks, simple or complex as they may be, require time and work. Many web designers and web programmers do not tell their clients most of these things because the client is not interested in the understanding the details, but it is important nonetheless that you know what goes into the cost of mobile web design.

Mobile Web Application Development: Things to Consider!

Ok! So, you decided to develop a web application for your site, congratulations! Below you will find some pointers to have in mind during the beautiful process of giving birth to a web application. If you’ve done this before, I’m sure you understood the metaphor. But in case you didn’t, don’t worry at all. There are lots of expert and professional services available.

A Dedicated Professional Help

A web application is online 24 hours and is susceptible to a number of human errors coming in the way. Generally, applications will interact with the user and the data he, or she, sends to the application; even interaction among users is possible. This means that it will take a long time to debug every possible scenario and prevent it, which requires a very dedicated and expert team or developers.

One Size – Fits All

Make sure your application is compatible to all devices, of all makes, of all brands, of all sizes. Once you decide to perform mobile web application development every other way to interact with the site and its functionalities will require a re-design and re-development, so make sure that you make something once that will port correctly to every platform in the future, and some older platforms (since all of your users may not be using the latest iPhone or Galaxy)

Exhaustive Testing

Okay, got this far? Your team of developers spent days and nights working on an application that is live 24/7 and that works on every single device which you try to access it on… or not! Even if the app is up and running, you should keep trying it for errors and updating it constantly for a better user experience.

Online Support

So, now everything looks GREAT! But remember to put yourself in the shoes of your users or customers. If anything goes wrong and there is sensitive information related to the users’ profile, be ready to answer to them if anything happens to go wrong.

One unsatisfied customer who is not tended to on time will most likely share his experience. When this is done in person, it generally reaches 8 to 10 people… if it is done online, there’s no way of measuring the damage. So remember, work hard, stay safe, and tend to your customers promptly!