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Steps for a Successful Mobile Web Development

Plan Ahead, Act Now

Once you decide to take your website to the next level, you must think in advance what you will want your user to experience. Sometimes, web sites can’t properly adapt their entire set of functionalities or display all the information they have on their full web-site because it is hard to fit onto a screen, on other occasions they just let the user find their way through the site without thinking that this may drive a frequent user away from their site. One thing is for sure, if your site is not prepared for a mobile device you will be losing part of your audience, hence, money in a way or another.

Responsive Design

If you already have a site up and running and you don’t want to go through the whole process of a complete makeover, you should contact a specialist that can adapt your current site to a responsive design layout. In case, you are wondering what a responsive design layout is, it is what makes your site adapt itself to fit any screen. A successful mobile web development will indeed require this quality to be viewable in any handheld device properly.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Even once you are done adapting the new or re-designed site to a more modern layout you should test it on any device you can get your hands on and check whether the information and images are displaying properly and are user-friendly. Some websites may allow you to visualize your website like if it were on a specific model of phone or tablet for a price – this way you can be sure that it is in fact working as it should for users on different models, internet explorers and operating systems.

Why You Should Do It

If you don’t decide to update your website, someone else on the internet will. If you don’t want to miss out on any action, then mobile is the way to go. One more thing, you should remember if you are still doubting whether you should do this or not, is that newer generations do not explore the internet on their computers so if you are planning your business to last for generations to come, you shouldn’t stick to generations that have passed!


Mobile Website Examples: Dos and Don’ts

It is very important to stay up-to-date with modern technologies when you have a website. These, of course means that if you do have a website, you should have in mind the number of users that access your site from mobile devices and how to properly serve their consumer needs.

The Do’s

The following are the mobile website examples to follow:

–          Geolocalization: locates your mobile device and gives you news from where you actually are. This is great, because since the United States is a huge country and the inches in the screen are but a few, the fact that the contents come to you is a definite DO.

–          Accommodating To The Users Preference: suggests that you download the application for their site once you enter. However, since their site has a responsive design, you can bid online just as well without the app.

–          Profiling a User: If profiling a user, even if he doesn’t register is of the upmost importance. Without having a big screen to display a lot of information you should try to get the user to see what he desires at first glance from a range of articles. Such is the case for Their site logs what categories you have seen before and shows you news from that categories first.

–          Giving Or Restricting Access: Some sites like or which have mobile versions as well as apps, will give you or restrict access to your emails depending on factors like the last times you logged, where your phone is (for example, to avoid identity theft) and the time it is. It is known that Gmail will test you if it detects you are sending hate mail to your boss of your girlfriend – how it does this remains a mystery, but it may appear on your phone too!

The Don’ts

Basically, avoiding any of the points above will not make for a bad user experience, but it won’t make for a memorable one either. Such is the case of which will show kids any kind of toy despite without taking into consideration whether the user is a boy or a girl, without taking into account the users age.

So remember to have your target audience in mind, or they may navigate away!

Let’s Have a Look at Some Mobile Website Examples

As internet users access the web from mobile devices more and more each day, rather than sitting in front of their personal computers, industry leaders have taken to make their sites mobile as well. Below you will find two mobile website examples that show how this evolution is taking place.

Known for being South America’s eBay, this industry leading auctioning site has been around for the last 10 years. Three years ago, their sales reached a maximum and they could not figure out why this was. After a few months research, they realized that the cause of this stagnancy had been the switch in users’ behavior. More and more users who had frequently bought things off their site had stopped shopping and late adapters to new technologies, who were starting to buy online but hadn’t gone on the trusting their smartphones yet, had replaced them. They had to prepare for this new e-commerce era before everyone went on their phones and couldn’t surf their web properly. Once the site was re-designed, sales went through the roof and ended up buying its competitor This only comes to show how important a timely mobile website re-design can be. is a source for video game news that is part of the FOX Broadcasting Company. Being in the industry of video games, it is most certainly required to be up to date on web design and web technology tendencies. However, as it is also a community of users who give their opinions on new games and global events, as well as the occasional insider information, they took on a different approach. Once you go into the website, you are offered to download an application for your phone which automatically links your profile to the website’s community. This is not compulsory, of course, but it does make for a great user catcher: this way they avoid the user from navigating away from the site while servicing him information that he specifically likes based on his profile making it easier for him to navigate and for the content to fit on the screen of the device.

App or Site?

As different industry leaders have shown us in the previous examples, what way to go will depend on how you decide to approach your audience? So next time you re-design, have them in-mind!

Importance of Mobile Website Development

Why You Need To Go Mobile

Current tendencies show that the use of the home computer to access the internet is decreasing every day as the use of smart phones and portable tablets increases. In the old days, one would only search the web for information, but today we can research very specific topics, study online and even do our shopping without leaving our seat and from a 7 inch screen.

What You Need To Go Mobile

The necessary mobile website development things go as follows:

–          A Set of Software:  On the first hand, you should look for design environments that can handle responsive web design. These programs will format your site in a manner that it adapts itself to the screen size and resolution. It may seem a critical task for you, if you don’t have knowledge about it. But in that case, you can easily seek professional help. There are hundreds of professional mobile web designers out there. But you have to find out the experienced and reputed designers or services.

–          Or A Team Of Coders: If your site is already up, then you should look at different alternatives that will modify your site in order to fit all screens. Here at we provide a solution to this problem.

–          And Of Course, A Set Of Portable Devices Or Emulators: This way you can check that the information is accessible and properly visible from a range of phone and tablet models so that you can be sure that the manner that a user has access to your site won’t drive him away.

Benchmark the Industry

If you still need proof that this is the way to go, you should look at what leaders in the industry are doing, some even have a different website for each kind of device and make use of its capabilities such as hand gestures for games or face recognition with the webcam.

Whatever You Do

Remember that what will keep your site alive will be its traffic, and the only way of having recurring users is that they can access from wherever they want and whenever they want and still find what they are looking for.

So… do you have what it takes to develop a mobile website?

Mobile Web Design Prices: Did You Know About The Hidden Costs?

What You Are Getting Into

It is very common to see internet business that start losing money soon after their start up, so before you decide to jump into the lines of e-commerce of any kind, here are some things you may not have thought about.

What You MUST HAVE When You Have Customers

The fact that most startups fail within the first year of operations is generally not finding customers, but keeping them. An E-commerce may have a development cost at first but it is not until after the site is up and running that the real deal breakers begin. So, if you plan to have clients and tend to them properly do not forget the following must-haves and budget them accordingly to know what the mobile web design prices will be.

  • Internal Support:  The amount of support you will need to plan for in terms of hours or employees will depend on the functionalities you have added to your site and is mainly destined to keep them from crashing or fixing them when they do.
  • Security: If you are going to handle personal or sensitive information, it is very important to keep all this content secured and under constant security reviews. This, of course, takes time and as we all know time is money.
  • External Support: If you handle clients, products, shipment, logistics, accounts… that is to say, have clients of any kind, be ready to give them support. The client is always right, so you have to budget how much it will cost you to be there for them.

What Does This Have To Do With Web Development?

Your customers know you through your website, whether they reach you through a personal computer or a mobile device, so it is important that even if you tend to these matters through a variety of resources, that your customers feel that you are on top of things. Since they only know you through your site, the way to convey this to your audience will be redesigning and adding functionality to your site constantly and this will transfer to cost.