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Know Important Facts about Mobile Web Design Prices

The cost of a mobile website largely depends on what you’re trying to do and where you’re starting. If you have a website it’s a whole lot cheaper to just update it for mobile use if you compare that to the price of starting from scratch. As in everything, there are some traps you’re going to want to watch for.

When Is It Better To Start From Scratch?
There’s a few qualifiers for this: if your website is an older online shop, if it was build from Flash, if it’s just old (and was built with methods now out of date), if you built it yourself, or if you had hired a young family member who might not have the qualifications needed to do a good job, you might want to start from scratch.

So What’s With Fresh Mobile Web Design Prices?
It’s a question that doesn’t really have an end – but you should be able to ballpark around $1500. It takes a little longer to build a mobile website from scratch, and there’s extra testing that must be done – it’s going to take different graphics, different content bases, and different functions. Obviously, the more advanced your site is, the longer and more expensive it’s going to be.

If you’re looking to create an online shop make sure that your system is friendly for mobile users, and be sure to ask your website developer how much extra a mobile version will cost. That’s the truth about mobile web design prices – you should ask questions.

What about an Upgrade?
The cost of upgrading a site for a mobile friendly interface more or less depends on how old the website is. Some types just cannot be upgraded – the code is too old and too dusty, and some types just will not be worth the cost.

If your website was built by an amateur, and it’s just old, you have to realize that website development technology moves at a pretty quick pace. If a professional built your website, then it might be easier to just upgrade.

Flash-based sites is another one – it involves a lot of movement and animated pictures, pictures which are pretty mean when it comes to mobile browsing. Flash is fading away as mobile phones become more and more popular, and Apple products normally don’t even display Flash. Start from scratch! The mobile web design price won’t be worth it.

Most online shops that have been around for more than a couple of years – before 2012 – are probably too old to pick back up. The code just doesn’t update the way that it has to!

This Looks Like It Might Cost A Bit…
… But it’s an investment. Look at this as a second start when it comes to your mobile website.